Celebration Cakes

Cakes for every occasion!

Choose your cake then pick a size to suit the number of guests.

Newly added to our selection is the Coconut Cream Cake! We have lots of different options:

Red Velvet Cake

Dairymilk Sponge / Fudge

Fresh Fruit Cream Sponge

Black Forest Gateaux

White or Dark Chocolate Mousse

Size Guide:

8" 10 to 12 portions

10" 14 to 20 portions

11" 25 to 35 portions

12" 25 to 50 portions

14" 50 to 65 portions

18" 60 to 80 portions

The sizes above are an estimate only and will differ depending on the cake. We would be happy to discuss your requirements over the phone to help you choose the correct size. Please call us on 01 832 0267.